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    "Mayan Grill"
    Oil and latex on painted plaster walls
    approx. 20' X 20' room
    ca. 1989

    Painted illusion of stonework and plants

    There was to be a total eclypse of the sun during the summer I was painting the Hill residence in North Carolina.

    I flew back to Los Angeles specifically to continue on to Mexico to view the eclypse, but found it impossible to book a flight to Mexico.

    Quite by chance, (the rule of my life) I met someone who suggested I paint the interior of this restaurant. With a week to kill before heading back to NC, I accepted. The result was this Mayan-theme decor.

    I commemorated the eclypse in the stonework on the restaurant's east wall. During the eclypse, I bought an entire $50 roll of silver mylar from Pan Pacific Camera, just down the block on La Brea Avenue, and proceeded to tear off strips of mylar to share with passers-by to view the eclypse.

    Mayan Grill
    Melrose Avenue
    West Hollywood, CA
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