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This summary, large as it is, this is just about half of a general overview of the many many projects I have completed in the past 36 or so years.
Most poignantly missing is my opera/theater portfolio, which was stolen from me in Amsterdam in 1980.

Another area which is not yet included on this site is my music. I have written nearly 200 songs contained in three notebooks. At present, I am compiling an illustrated book of songs for children, my words & music. You can hear some of my compositions at MySpace on the web. Please excuse my voice and try to hear the true music behind my poor musicianship.

A project for a future day perhaps, is to compile my box-loads of prose and poetry written over the years from age 14 to the present.

b. 1954, Aspen, Colorado

Languages spoken:
English, French, German, limited Italian

Cities lived in:
Aspen, New York, Montreal, Winnipeg, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Düsseldorf, Paris, Munich, Los Angeles, Basalt, Boston (current)

Professional Career Span:
since 1968

"How can you do so many things and still do them all well?"
I do one thing at a time.

In 1973, at the age of 18, I arrived in New York with $6.00. I went to Juilliard looking for a friend of mine. That morning I was hired to work in props. Three weeks later I was asked to be head of the scenic department of the Juilliard Theater. I began moonlighting as assistant to the designers.

In 1974 I was awarded a scholarship to study dance with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal. As a diversion, I visited a cartoon animation studio. I was asked to stay and was trained while I worked.

In 1978 while working for the San Francisco Opera I was invited to Europe to assist in a production of Wagner's Ring. I developed a system for translating a 2-dimensional drawing into 3-dimensional space (accurately) using a programmable handheld calculator (before I had ever heard of computers doing 3-D rendering).

Many other career variations and enhancements came to me in the same serendipitous way. Often, when someone had a problem and there was no job description to solve it, I was called in informally to solve a problem and then asked to stay.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the people and mentors who were, and continue to be, so generous with their enthusiasm and friendship along the way.

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