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Glass - Etched & Beveled
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    Etched Glass

    Stained Glass
    Merv Adelson stained glass
    Towering Aspens

    All designs, etching, cutting, staining and leading of the glass is done by Anton himself.

    "Etched Glass"
    is a process by which the glass surface is "cut" with a stream of sand.

    "Beveled Glass"
    is a process by which the edges of the glass surface are ground to an angle creating a faceted edge to capture and defract light. I design the window. I subcontract the actual beveling of the glass and then assemble the finished pieces.

    "Leaded Glass"
    is a process where many pieces of glass are cut and assembled together with molten lead.

    "Stained Glass"
    is like leaded glass except the individual pieces of glass are first painted with oxides and glazes which are then permanently fired onto the surface of the glass in a kiln. Each piece may be subjected to four to eight individual fired layers. The individual pieces are then leaded together.

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