SUBCATEGORIES - etched & beveled - stained glass
Glass - Etched & Beveled
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  • All etching of glass is done entirely by the artist.
    Beveled glass elements are cut and beveled by specialist craftsmen for the artist, then assembled by the artist.

    glasspitcher.jpg glassantonetch.jpg glassswimmers.jpg glassweintraub.jpg glasshorsebowl.jpg glassbeer.jpg glasschampagne.jpg glassbottlesetch.jpg ringodoor-d.jpg ringodoor.jpg glassjerome.jpg glasstearoom.jpg glassrthawk.jpg

    Hand-etched glass
    approx. 14" wide

    P. E. Moore commission as wedding gift

    Private Collection of bride & groom

    Copyright 2005 by Anton Uhl. All rights reserved.