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  • "Tranquility Garden"
    Private residence
    Beverly Hills, CA

    "Garden of the Scarlet Macaw"
    Ray Underwood residence
    West Hollywood, CA

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    raypillowwindow.jpg "Pillow Window"
    Ray Underwood residence
    West Hollywood, CA

    "Anton Uhl studio"
    Ray Underwood garage
    West Hollywood, CA

    "Africa & Treasure Island"
    Kahn residence
    Aspen, CO

    "Botticelli Bath"
    Leher residence
    Tarzana, CA


    "Tranquility Garden"

    Straight Murals are more decorative than illusionary in nature.

    Unlike trompe l'oeil, which creates an illusion of 3-dimensionality out of a 2-dimensional surface, a straight mural may depict a scene for the sole reason of creating an atmosphere for a space.

    In the image above, real plants are placed in earth in front of the painted scene of the rocks and mountains to create a peaceful setting in a formerly dull, empty space.

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