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"Suspended Mantle"
8 ft. wide
ca. 1988

The simplest tools are always the best. I bought a very expensive set of carving tools and could find no use for them. A mallet, a couple of $2.00 chisels and sometimes a chainsaw were my only tools. With these I could cut any shape I could imagine.

Wood has its own language. Carving intricate shapes through the stubborn grain of wood requires a certain vocabulary of your hands, albeit simple in it's great elegance, once it is discovered.

Many of my wood objects find their strength in clever construction, like a Japanese house or puzzle, which allows the piece to be constructed of wood alone without the aid of metal nails or hardware. Some pieces even contain hidden drawers or compartments with no movement or hardware to betray their whereabouts.

I do not work in wood to fulfill a client's request. I work in wood to play a game and be entertained as I contrive and discover.

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