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  • Hill Residence
        Music Room - Bath - Nursery - Livingroom

  • Hill Residence
    Kinston NC
    Music Room

    Hill Residence
    Kinston NC


    Hill Residence
    Kinston NC
    Guest Bath

    Hill Residence
    Kinston NC
    Living Room Mantle


    "Hill Music Room"
    Oil on primed plaster
    approx. 15' X 15' room
    ca. 1989

    Painted illusion of columns and faux marble.

    I met a lady, Jean Settlmeier, at my mother's house in Aspen, through friends of Mom's from Minnesota. Jean, soon thereafter, met a man from North Carolina at a conference they both attended in New Orleans. He told her he was building a large new tudor style mansion in Kinston, NC. Jean told him she knew of an artist in L.A. and convinced him to fly me east for most of the summer to embellish many rooms in his new home. So, that summer I spent my weeks painting and my weekends exploring Atlantic Beach.

    I have included pictures of all but the children's play room and the dining room ceiling on this website.

    Private residence of Mr. & Mrs. Hill
    Kinston, NC
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