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  • Parrish Garden

  • "Parrish Garden"
    Latex on painted plaster
    approx. 7' X 7'

    Inspired by Maxfield Parrish subjects.
    The woodwork is all real. The inset is a totally flat bit of plaster wall so, the stonework and step and doors are a painted illusion.

    Painted during the LA Riots, I would drive down to Orange every day to paint this tranquil scene, then return to LA in the late afternoons with a blood-red sun still high in the sky trying to break through the surreal orange-brown "Blade Runner" glow caused by the thick smoke of the 1992 riots.

    This was one of the two times in my life I presented a client with a finished drawing for approval before executing the actual mural. It proved to be my undoing. Normally, I never provide more than a discussion and crude thumbnail of the work I decide do and ask to be taken on merit of my portfolio and reputation alone. This usually works out to everyone's satisfaction.

    Each evening, Mr. Koontz would praise the work. Each morning he would report that his wife did not like it. When the project was completed, I recieved a phone call the next day that Mrs. Koontz had had the mural removed (whited out.) I was, however, paid and, fortunately have this photo.

    Dean Koontz showroom
    Orange, CA
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