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  • Hummingbirds & Wine
        Hulett residence, Malibu, CA

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    "Hummingbirds & Wine"
    Oil and latex on painted plaster
    approx. 10' X 12' room
    ca. 1988

    This is the room where I had my epiphany about the psychology that makes trompe l'oeil work.
    Contrarty to the belief of even many well-seasoned professionals, though the trompe l'oeil effect can be greatly affected by the source of the light that falls on it, a mysterious psychological factor is far stronger in what is perceived than in what is actually seen.

    The room presented a huge challenge as the light was constantly changing all day long. There were windows and sources of daylight on three sides of the room which had a southern exposure.

    The puzzle was solved and as a result, daytime or night-time, morning, noon and evening, not even the changing light in the room could keep people from having to go up and touch the walls to be convinced this was just a painted illusion - despite the very "painterly" (not relaistic) technique employed.

    Private residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hulett
    Malibu, CA
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