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My Artwork: This summary, large as it is, represents only a partial overview of the many projects I have completed over the past 45 years.
Most poignantly missing is my opera/theater portfolio, which was stolen out of the trunk of my car in Amsterdam in 1980.
Some of my work is not represented here in respect for celebrated clients' request for privacy.

My Architecture: Having designed opera, theater and film sets for many years, it was a pleasure to design my own house.
See it here

The Web: Besides this website, you can find me all over the web.
For a comprehensive list of my web-presence visit the contact page.
Also, Google "Anton Uhl"

Originals and Reproductions available online.
Fully customizable: canvas or paper, framed or unframed, any size.
VR Preview Tool: See what your painting will look like in place using your phone's camera!

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"I Miss You"
oil on canvas by Anton UHL
36" X 60"

Purchase "I Miss You" Reproductions here

Purchase "I Miss You" Original here

Anton's painting, "I Miss You" has been licensed as the representative art for FACT (Fighting AIDS Continuously Together) in their fundraising efforts this year.

This website contains many hundreds of detailed images of my projects.
If you encounter any broken links, please contact me.

b. 1954, Aspen, Colorado

Languages spoken:
English, French, German, limited Italian
Cities lived in:
New York, Montreal, Winnipeg,
Salt Lake City, San Francisco,
Düsseldorf, Paris, Munich,
Los Angeles, Basalt, Boston (current)

Professional Career Span:
Since 1968

"How can you do so many things and still do them all well?"
I do one thing at a time.
In 1973, at the age of 18, I arrived in New York with $6.00.
I went to Juilliard looking for a friend of mine. That morning I was hired to work in props. Three weeks later I was the head of the scenic department of the Juilliard Theater. I began moonlighting as assistant to the designers.

In 1974 I was awarded a scholarship to study dance with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal. As a diversion, I visited a cartoon animation studio.
I was asked to stay and was trained while I worked.

In 1978 while working for the San Francisco Opera I was invited to Europe to assist in a production of Wagner's Ring. I developed a system for translating a 2-dimensional drawing into 3-dimensional space (accurately) using a programmable handheld calculator (before I had ever heard of computers doing 3-D rendering).

Many other career variations and enhancements came to me in the same serendipitous way. Often, when someone had a problem and there was no job description to solve it, I was called in informally to solve a problem and then asked to stay.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the people and mentors who were, and continue to be, so generous with their enthusiasm and friendship along the way.

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