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The Millionaire's Diet
Eating for Success

Illustrated Letters
- Book 1

The Great Grey Insipid Sea

Logan and the Duck Patrol

Ben Speeds North

The White Boxer Chronicles

Book Cover Designs
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"Bake Your Book"
Keith Leon

"The Seven Minute Mirror"
Melanie Eatherton

Books and Book Covers
by Anton Uhl

I love writing.
I have been writing daily for the past 40 years.

I also love illustrating and photography (I have an archive of over 20,000 photos.)
They are just another aspect of my art.

I have made book covers and CD covers for clients as well as for my own projects over the years. I thoroughly enjoy the exercise of working with others to create something strong that will jump off the book shelf.

My work has been published internationally (also see the link, magazines.)

Copyright © by Anton Uhl. All rights reserved.